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Christopher Aylward 

Chris has made films in several African countries, including Rwanda (Shooting in Rwanda), Zambia (Red Flower), and Malawi (Water is Life), as well as with Native communities in Canada (Conne River: Paving the Way; The Beothuk Story). He served for years as Program Director and Associate Professor of Film Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, where he specializes in writing for film, documentary research, and film production.

Director Statement

All of my filmmaking has been characterized by a common thematic thread of cross cultural interaction between human beings living in very different orbits. It's my sincere hope that The Beothuk Story will, in the long tradition of Canadian documentary filmmaking, help change the conversation about colonial erasure, a critical issue so fundamental to our country's collective psyche and its sense of identity.

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David Planche 

David Planche is a graduate of the Film Studies Program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), having written and directed his final thesis short, Liminal. Since then, he has written and directed numerous shorts including BravoFACT's Acapulco. David has collaborated on creative projects with acclaimed Canadian directors Patricia Rozema and Gail Harvey. He also writes and provides post-production video editing for commercials and corporate clientele.

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Mario Antognetti

Mario Antognetti is a freelance videographer, editor and producer, who began his career working with visual effects. With over twenty years of experience in film, television and commercial production, Mario experienced the evolution of early visual effects with small-scale models and stop motion cameras to 3D animation. In 1997, Mario took a sabbatical from the Media industry and travelled to Turkey where he was a university instructor and taught Film Production at Bilkent University in Ankara.   Searching for a new challenge had Mario complete his Bachelor of Education Degree and is currently working as a secondary school teacher in Communications Technology, bringing his industry experience to a new generation.

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Tony Tosti

Tony has written music for feature length films, network television, live theatre, radio, indie short films and award winning animated shorts.


As an Educator, Tony co-created a multi-disciplinary, musical action/adventure project called The Land of Rhythmos


Tony continues to teach Animation Sound Design at Sheridan College  in Oakville, ON.

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